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Welcome to The Taint,

Our guild is a friendly, slightly insane group.  We play on the Storm Legion Server (US-EAST) typically on any realm other than Trade.  If your looking to join us, we suggest that you check out our requirements for being an active member in our group.  We also accept alts as long as they can meet the guild quests requirements, instances are a plus.

To join us you must be able to meet the following requirements

  • Have TeamSpeak 3 for voice chat (this is required as it helps during instances)
  • Perform Daily Guild quests
  • Be willing to participate in instances after 8pm EST with the rest of the guild
  • Kind and friendly, if you are an ass then you will be dropped
  • Understand that we are all slightly crazy :D so being crazy does help

Any other requirements will be added to the list above.

Other Really Helpful information,

Any guild member who has a character above level 20 can participate in Gods Trial.  If you are new and your main is under lvl 40 you can join us in Gods Trial (Mentor Mode) Which will give you more EXP.  We run gods trial twice a day, once with our main characters and once with our alt characters.  Mains are 50+ (recommended 60+) and alts are 20-50.

In addition to Gods Trial all level 40+ are encouraged to participate in Glistening Lowlands daily.  We typically do this instance once a day, so space is limited.

And our 'Final' instance we do daily is LCS Daybreaker.  This instance is 50+ only, and yields shards, soul gem boxes, and lvl 60+ scrolls as rewards.  This instance has more space, as some people either do it early on or skip it. 

Both Glistening Lowlands and LCS are optional, and do not typically count towards any guild merit unless there is an active quest for it from the guild.

amwdrizz aka KaraNarok

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

kikaimegami, Oct 3, 11 3:45 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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We require, daily guild quests until we reach lvl3 guild. We will also require guild base quests and trade runs when we obtain our guild base. As a guild we try to do instances as a group so we can complete the guild quests as a group.
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